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Why a Travel Advisor is even more important in 2021

When we have all missed so many vacations and are looking to the future to the next adventure, things look a little different

There have always been many benefits to using a travel advisor when planning a vacation. Let’s be real; travel is an investment in our mental and physical health, relationships, and wallets. It should be treated like it. With Covid restrictions and guidelines in most destinations, using a knowledgeable travel advisor who has invested their time in making sure they stay up to date on these protocols will save you money and headaches.

I spoke with a couple who planned their trip to Turks and Caicos. They booked directly with the property and never paid attention to the Covid disclaimer in small print on the site. After so many months, we have gotten used to seeing these disclaimers and may miss them. In this incident, that disclaimer told them the negative Covid test requirements and the hours before they would need it. This information would have been a game-changer for them, and they may not have gone to this destination if they had known. Luckily, they caught it in time but told me they saw many being pulled aside before boarding in Miami for Turks. These people were told they did not have the proper test. All this could be avoided when booking with a knowledgeable travel advisor. Let’s be real; we have all waited a long time to travel. Let’s make it stress-free.

Some countries do not require a Covid test but do require travel insurance with minimum medical coverage, in Costa Riva which is currently $50,000. Some travel insurance will not meet those requirements. Some are more expensive, and some are even better coverage overall and are less costly. Our job as travel advisors is to educate our clients, give them options that meet the requirements, cover the client and save them money. Some countries currently cover travel insurance if you are staying at a resort. That is something I would want to know!

When you travel, do you want to stay at the resort and relax by the pool, enjoying the amenities? Or do you want to immerse yourself in the culture? Our business explores and learns the hidden gems close to the resorts and offers an authentic taste of the community and culture.

Some travel advisors, like us, belong to travel consortiums that offer perks when booking with us. We are a member of the Signature Travel Network. This relationship allows us to provide amenities like spa credits, complimentary breakfast, arrival gifts, and room upgrades where available. If cruising, we also have perks and many times, preferred pricing to save our clients’ money. These amenities are typically not available if you book direct.

So, as you start dreaming and planning your next adventure, please consider the benefits of a travel advisor. You will not only be helping yourself and saving yourself money, but you will be supporting a small business.