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What I learned from 11 trips in 12 weeks

The world is opening up. The travel industry wants us to visit their specific locations

Conferences and meetings that have not been in person for two years are coming back. Below are a few tips from 11 trips in 12 weeks, ten Covid tests, and five of these trips were out of the country.

At Da Conch Shack in Turks with the boys from Grace Bay Adventures

Always set time aside for locals suggestions

Ask the bartender, server, uber driver, and tour operator. If you want to get a taste of the local culture, ask them! We have had some of our best meals and experiences by asking the locals.

Pack healthier snacks

Bad decisions are made at a conference at the end of the day before evening events and after drinks late at night. Avoid raiding that mini bar AND you will have something to munch on while in flight. Examples of snacks I carry are macadamia nuts, protein bars, and peanut butter crackers.

Move your body and stay hydrated.

These two things keep inflammation down and keep you regular. Even if you don’t work out at home, taking even a walk while away can help the inflammation and constipation while travelling. Flying and different daily routines can dehydrate you. Make sure to stay hydrated for the same inflammation and constipation issues as previously mentioned.

Bring your water bottle

Airlines only give you small water bottles and cups. Airports have filling stations at many water fountains. This is a lifesaver, especially on longer flights and even on layovers. Lines are long now for quick grab n go items at the airport convenience stores since there are few services on most flights in main cabins. No lines are needed if you have your snacks and a water bottle.
I found this one was the best I have seen and love it for home and travel. The way the top is, your hands do not touch the mouthpiece. 

Pack Smart

Use packing cubes and roll your clothes. Coordinate outfits, so you only need a couple of pairs of shoes.

Embrace strangers

Meet new people, learn about another’s life and culture.

Embrace adventure, drive on the other side of the road

Renting a car in places like Turks and Caicos can save you money and it gives you many more opportunities for new experiences.

Keep that immune system up

Talk to your doctor and health professionals. I am a supplement junky and have tried to keep a really rigid supplement protocol that includes things like Zinc, Vitamin A,K, and D and Quercetin. I also bring my powdered greens, vegan protein powder, and collagen powder.
My doctor also suggested a saline nasal spray to clear my nasal passages, especially after air travel.

Arrive early

Seriously, TSA is a nightmare. While we are at it, get Pre-check. This allows you to bypass the removal of shoes, toiletries, and laptops at the screening area.

We were driving around Turks and Caicos and found this beach bar with incredible food. Omar’s Beach Hut.

Take the earliest flight out and try to avoid the last flight home.

You will have a better chance at making it where you are going within that day if you experience delays or cancellations.
I am guilty of pushing all return flights to the end of the day. But it is best not to book the last flight, the final leg.
If you need to connect, try to have the last leg a drivable distance if something happens.

Watch those layovers

If you need to connect, factor in deplaning, moving through the airport, and boarding times. Most airlines start boarding 30 minutes before domestic flights depart and close the doors 10 to 15 minutes before departure. If you only give yourself 45 minutes to an hour between flights, you might miss it. Take the more extended layover and grab a bite to eat, clean out your inbox, or just people watch.

Always pack a hat and sunscreen.

Seriously, even if it is a business trip. We need to protect our skin.

Get a white noise app.

Avoid those last night wake-ups from your hotel neighbor who was out a little later or early risers with toddlers.

Pack a power strip or USB strip to keep all chargers in one area.

Less likely to forget a charger

Get good luggage and try not to check bags.

I love the Away Bigger Carry-on and Beis Convertible Weekender. They were lifesavers during this insane travel time and allowed me the opportunity not to check bags. And the Beis Weekender without the show compartment fits under every seat I encountered, including regional jets. This means it can qualify as your personal item. Beis Convertible Weekender Away Bigger Carry-On

If travelling abroad, get a passport case.

Get one to hold both a passport, vaccination card if applicable, and any country immigration forms you must hold onto, like in Mexico and Turks and Caicos.

Sign up for a rental car loyalty program.

With a shortage of cars, the lines are long and there may or may not be a car when you arrive. When booking directly through a loyalty program, you bypass the lines going straight to a vehicle AND there is a car! We like Avis

Download an audible book or book/magazine to your kindle.

These are lifesavers if delayed in flight or on the tarmac. Don’t forget earbuds or headphones.

Last but certainly not least, expect the unexpected.

Flights will be delayed or cancelled, hotel rooms will not be ready, things will not go exactly as planned, and that is ok.