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Want to know a secret?

Here’s one way we craft custom experiences all over the world

When it comes to curating the ultimate in luxury travel experiences for you, our commitment, network and expertise go way beyond just booking flights and reserving lavish accommodations. Everyone at The Curated Travel Collection believes that each journey should be an unforgettable adventure, meticulously tailored to your desires. So today, I’m sharing one of our most treasured secrets to creating these extraordinary vacations: our partnership with Destination Management Companies (DMCs).

If you have a travel dream but don’t know where to start, reach out to us now and we can dream together to create the perfect vacation for you.

Whether you want to visit the captivating landscapes of Europe, experience the many enchanting cultures of Asia, or the awe-inspiring countryside of Australia, we plug in to the power of DMCs to create truly unique experiences. While we collaborate with various tour operators across the world to bring our visions to life, these on-the-ground travel experts stand out as our key allies in delivering unparalleled luxury.

Imagine having a team of experts who are not just familiar with your chosen destination, but are immersed in it day in and day out. While we have personally visited hundreds of destinations across the world, we can’t possibly know all there is about every place you may want to visit. DMCs serve as the boots on the ground, with an intimate understanding of the locales they service. They’re equipped with the resources, connections, and an unwavering passion for even the minutest details that make a place truly special.

Travel is ever-evolving, and DMCs also help us keep pace with changes and stay on top of trends. While our firsthand stories of exploration serve as the foundation, we understand that landscapes, opportunities, and possibilities transform continuously.

Because we are dedicated to delivering the most up-to-date information to our clients, we tap into the wisdom of these in-the-know experts to offer you the freshest and most exceptional ways to enjoy a destination. It’s all about the hidden gems, the exclusive activities, and the inaccessible marvels that only insiders know about. (And you know that’s exactly what I love to discover on every trip!)

From the initial stages of crafting your dream vacation to the very last moments of your journey, we’ve got support from these excellent partners. Whether you envision a comprehensive Christmas markets tour or seek a more specific, short-term experience, DMCs seamlessly orchestrate the components that make these moments magical. From airport transfers to hotel arrangements and meticulously designed tours, they cater to every facet of your adventure.

One thing we love is how they can transform group tours into personalized expeditions. That way, your journey becomes a unique tapestry woven with your preferences, interests, and dreams. For those once-in-a-lifetime moments like catching a premier soccer team match or an exhilarating Formula One race in Monaco, our partners help us take care of every detail so you truly can relax and enjoy.

A personal favorite when it comes to unique experiences is a helicopter ride to a picnic lunch overlooking the sea, which our Croatian partner offers; they can also help you with boat rentals if that’s the experience for you. For us, this is the essence of luxury travel: the one-of-a-kind moments that transform a vacation into an extraordinary adventure to treasure for a lifetime.

At The Curated Travel Collection, our dedication to your satisfaction is matched only by our commitment to detail. Every trip we design is infused with a sense of personal connection and authenticity, ensuring that even the smallest elements are perfected, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience. So that’s one of our little secrets for how we turn your dream into reality…and even help you dream up something entirely new.

Let’s start dreaming together, and create something truly special, just for you. All you have to do is reach out and tell us your vision so we can get started on making it happen.

Relax and let us take care of everything,

Amy Westerman
The Curated Travel Collection