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Travel Trends 2024

Experiential Escapes and Top Destinations

2024 is here, are you ready for your next adventure? I’ve been looking at the hottest travel trends and destinations for this year and am ready to share some fabulous trip ideas with you!

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While classic destinations like the Caribbean, Europe, Maldives, and Thailand are always great hotspots for tropical leisure and adventure, there’s been a noticeable shift towards more immersive experiences – especially in Europe. 

Let’s dive into the top destinations for these emerging trends (and some of those top tropical destinations for every discerning traveler):

While the cultural allure of Europe’s museums and other tourist attractions will always be popular, the trend for experiential travel is on the rise. Beyond the well-known destinations like the Louvre or the Coliseum, there’s been a steady rise in interest in vacations comprised of active, natural, gastronomic, and wellness activities. 

Great food and wine, physically active adventures, spa retreats, and outdoor exploration are what we are seeing more and more of in the coming year. From 2019 to 2023, there has been an 8% growth in experiential activities, with active and nature tourism leading the way, gaining 5% and 3% points respectively.

This kind of growth will only continue, meaning more options and accommodations for you in the destinations where these trips are commonly booked.

Seeking unique, memorable experiential activities? Northern Europe is the place to be! Countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, and Switzerland are ideally positioned to cater to this growing demand. 

Switzerland, one of my personal favorites, stands out due to its year-round appeal, offering winter and summer activities in stunning landscapes. Depending on where you are, you also have French, Italian, or German cultural influences, but everybody speaks English, so it’s very friendly for English-speaking travelers. 

Top Trending European Destinations:

Piedmont Region, Italy
Bordering Switzerland and France, this region strikes a perfect balance between cultural and natural offerings, with a strong emphasis on gastronomic experiences. Known for wine, truffles, mountains, and its temperate climate.

Aquitaine, France
Featuring areas like Bordeaux, this destination in the south of France stands out for its world-renowned vineyards, gorgeous countryside, stunning beaches, and rich history, including the Lascaux caves. It has a very stable air connectivity as well, so it’s easy to get to.

East of England, UK
An official region of England, including Cambridge, Essex, and Norfolk, East of England offers a wide variety of cultural and natural attractions. Picturesque villages, gorgeous seaside cliffs, and medieval forests are waiting, with solid connectivity that makes it conveniently accessible.

Top Tropical Destinations:

The Caribbean
Luxury travel in the Caribbean continues to grow and never disappoints when you’re seeking a tropical escape under the sun and on the beach, complete with outdoor activities, nightlife, and shopping.

From boutique hotels to all-inclusive luxury resorts, destinations like St. Bart’s, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Grand Cayman offer experiences for every kind of traveler. Whether you crave a high-end French or UK-influenced ambiance, foodie scenes and cocktails, an all-inclusive family-friendly resort, or a secluded island retreat with luxury accommodations, the Caribbean has it all. 

The Maldives
If you’re looking for something truly tucked away on a small island with high-end luxury accommodations in a more relaxed, isolated scene, this is the place for you.  With tourism continuing to grow, the offerings run the gamut from gorgeous beaches and swimming with sharks to eco-conscious resorts and delicious local cuisine. Be sure to plan ahead if you want to explore here, as connectivity and transportation can vary.

Always a hot destination for adventurers of all kinds, Thailand will be gaining even more popularity in the new year. From vibrant cultural attractions to pristine beaches and amazing food, Thailand offers a wide range of experiences for any traveler. A backpacker’s paradise, known to be very safe and tourist-friendly, it’s the most visited country in Southeast Asia, with great accessibility. 

So, whether you’re looking for a bike or food tour in Europe or an epic outdoor adventure in one of these amazing tropical destinations, we have got you covered this year.

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Amy Westerman
The Curated Travel Collection