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Travel Snacks

What are your go-to airline snacks? We would love to hear

With all the flying we do, we have learned a thing or two about what to take, what to drink, and what to wait to indulge in once you hit the ground running.

  • Low-sodium snacks to avoid what is called “jet bloat”.  We like healthy fats to keep us fuller. Examples are unsalted Macadamia, pumpkin seeds, whisps, and pistachios but not the heavily salted ones.
  • Low-odor foods. Your seatmate will thank you. Nobody wants to sit next to the guy eating something with onions or heavy on seasoning.
  • Avoid things that cause crumbs. Your flight attendants will thank you.
  • Mints for breath and potential upset stomach
  • Nuun or other hydration powders to stay hydrated. Water with lemon is also good for hydration
  • I bring protein powder in a container that fits in a blender bottle. This will help get the nutrients you need without all the crap. Tip: Even though I have TSA pre-check, I pull protein powder out because it seems to get flagged often.
  • Protein or Keto bars
  • Skip the soda and grab a club soda or something with less sugar
  • Avoid empty calorie options on long-haul flights pretzels (unless dipped in hummus), chips, and sugary foods that do nothing to curb hunger.
  • Avoid alcohol. I know this is a tough one for all of us but let’s be real, most of it is not great caliber anyway. True confession, this is the toughest one for me.

These are the tips you get from a travel professional with The Curated Travel Collection. Let us help with your next adventure. Please contact your Curated Travel Collection advisor or contact us at