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Travel Hacks

  • Forgot shaving cream or didn’t fit in your quart-size bag? Use the hotel conditioner as an alternative.
  • Carry a washcloth in your carry-on for long-haul flights, nothing worse than washing your face in an airport lounge or bathroom and using a paper towel to dry it.
  • Take the top off your aerosol cans in your quart-size bag. It will give you room for other items. With aerosols, you do not need to worry about leakage. This one came from a Heathrow TSA agent, and I love it!
  • Carry snacks in a Tupperware sandwich container. It keeps them all in one spot and avoids breaking items like peanut butter crackers and smooshing things like fig or keto bars. Bring your snacks. See our blog on this.
  • Load the app and check periodically ahead of the flight. There may be an offer to upgrade for a quarter to half of the original cost of first class. But, again, I base this on flying on American Airlines.
  • Buy a hat clip like this to carry your hats instead of having to wear them.
  • Always pad your connection. If it says you have a 35-minute connection, you only have 20 as they close the doors 15 minutes before departure and start boarding, typically 30 minutes before a domestic flight. It is better to take an hour and a half or even two and a half as this is only a one or two-hour wait till boarding. Far better to have time to go to the bathroom and grab a bite than watch that door close with you on the other side.

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