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Travel Gadgets and Gear

The travel industry has been one of the slowest to recover

The travel industry has been one of the slowest to recover. However, we are starting to see the light as demand is coming in like waves. This means our industry events are coming back IN PERSON, and we could not be happier. We have six industry events currently on the books between September and November and more to come. What better time to chat about our favorite travel gadgets and gear? I broke the old standards back out this month when I headed to Mexico. I also tried a few new ones.

Pictured are both the Everywhere and the Bigger Carry On

Away Everywhere bag

There are plenty of Interior pockets for extra battery chargers, business cards, planners, journal, ear buds, tech accessories bag, room for a laptop, small clutch, or travel purse and even a water bottle and snacks in the main compartment. There are two outside pockets, and these are good for a phone with easy access and one with a zippered pocket with a medium compartment and two smaller ones. This is where I keep hair ties, passport, global entry, Chapstick. Even jammed to the hilt, it still fits under the seat in front of you. There is also room for TSA approved toiletries if you do not have pre-check. I only wish it had an external pocket for a water bottle to make room in the larger compartment for other items. See Everywhere Bag

Away The Bigger Carry on

It is an excellent bag with so many features. I love the compression sleeve to crank down items. I can easily pack 6 to 7 days’ worth of clothes (warm weather), a few pairs of shoes, toiletries, and a hairdryer with a diffuser. It is hard-sided, and you can stand on it if needed to get the zipper fully closed. I speak from experience. See Away Bigger Carry On

Packing cubes

There are some excellent articles on this. One being here. It doesn’t save you space while traveling, but it keeps them all organized and easier to find without everything falling into all other items within the suitcase. I used these for the first time on my trip last week. What a difference! I use the Away ones. I packed in one cube, five shirts and four pairs of shorts. Another had four days’ worth of workout clothes, two cover-ups and one pair of shorts. The last one had five sports bras, three bathing suit bottoms, two bathing suit tops, and two bras. I pulled items out of the cubes as I needed, and it kept it all tidy instead of looking like I had gone rifling through my suitcase. When I was ready to come home, I threw all the dirty clothes in two of the cubes, so I knew exactly what needed to be laundered upon my return. See packing cubes


This little guy is fantastic, so you are not running around a hotel room charging one thing here and another there. It is also good on long layovers or delays if you need to charge your phone and say earbuds. It is compact, so it takes up little room. Charger

Gear Rubber Twist Ties

If you are anything like me, you have a charger for everything, and they can get tangled easily in a gear bag while traveling. These little guys wrap around the chords to make it easier to keep things tidy. See twist ties

Hat holder

This gadget is so cool. I wish I had invented it. Anyone who wears a hat on the regular knows how it can be a pain when travelling. So few want to wear it the whole time you are in the airport and on the plane, but you cannot pack it in a bag. This way is so simple. It hangs from your rollaway or bag, giving you more hands-free travel. I would suggest the luggage tag version if you want to attach it to a rollaway. The keychain worked great on my Everywhere bag. I was surprised by how strong the magnet is. The one below can be found here.


I needed a good crossbody bag for the PGA Championship, and I struck gold with this one. It has slash resistance body panels and shoulder straps, locking zippers, RFID blocking card and passport slots. Front and rear pockets and so many compartments, yet still being slim. Water-resistant. There are plenty of spaces for cards and ids, so you do not need a wallet, and it is RFID blocked. Like with the Everywhere bag, there are so many pockets to make things easily accessible and a large middle compartment for sunglasses, sunblock, etc. All while being slim in size and design. Shop this purse


They double as your workout shoes and are great to get on and off if needed at TSA. In addition, they are comfortable and easy to walk briskly from gate to gate. Ons are also more stylish than your typical tennis shoes. Shop Ons Shoes

Lululemon Align Pants

The high waisted pants are smooth yet fitting, which I find perfect for long flights. Link to Align pants.

Water bottle

Any slim-fitting bottle that will keep liquids cool or hot can be used in place of a plastic water bottle. They tend to fit better than those disposable options as well.

Diamond stick

For those who wear rings and find they get dirty and cloudy from lotions and sunscreen, this is an easy, efficient way to clean your ring on the run. I always have one in the pocket of my cosmetic bag. Shop Diamond Stick

Kitsch toiletries

This collection was one of those things you see on Instagram ads and think, no way does this work any better. BUT they do! I love the pouches! It is easy to fill and dispense and take up so much less room than traditional travel size containers. See the Ultimate Travel Set


The Paperwhite version is small and so much easier to read in sunlight. It also has a larger font for those of us who need readers but also need sunglasses.

Water Filtration System

When traveling abroad and local water is questionable, this is a stellar option. It packs in a small bag and holds up to 3.0 litres at a time. You fill it, and as you need water, it filters as it dispenses. See water filtration bag

I would love to know what your go-to items are when you are on the go.