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The Versatility of Villas:

ENJOY EVERYTHING from Family Celebrations to Executive Retreats

While I love the amenities and services you typically find at resorts, I really appreciate the privacy and benefits of villas while traveling…especially with large groups. Having recently stayed at a resort with its own selection of detached accommodations, I was inspired to share more about how a standalone property is often the better choice. 

Already know you want to try a villa and have a destination in mind? Reach out here and we’ll reserve your dream home away from home. 

Whether your trip is for a family gathering, an executive retreat, big celebrations, a getaway with friends, golf outings, or special location-based events, villas are the perfect solution, almost anywhere in the world. Here’s why: 

photo of a large modern villa in Greece at night, with a pool, from Villas of Distinction.
Photo credit: Villas of Distinction

Some of the best perks when staying in your own villa are privacy and space

photo of an elegant master bedroom inside a villa in a tropical setting, from the Villas of Distinction.
Photo credit: Villas of Distinction

Multi-generational travel has become a huge trend, and there’s nothing better than lots of space for several couples, children and your beloved elders. Villas usually offer ensuite bathrooms and multiple layouts – you will usually find rooms with bunk beds along with rooms set up for couples or for two single travelers to a room. 

Everyone has their own space, as well as beautifully appointed common spaces both inside and out…many villas have their own pool in addition to gorgeous outdoor kitchens on breezy patios, game rooms and comfortable living areas with furniture you can all spread out on. Large, open kitchen spaces accommodate larger groups, and these properties are often located in gated communities, for extra privacy and safety.

You can also control the environment much more; say you have a group of adults on a reunion trip and want to have your own pool party? At your villa’s private pool, you don’t have some random child doing a cannonball in front of you while trying to enjoy your piña colada. And if you want a refill, all you have to do is pop inside, grab a glass of bubbles, make your own cocktail…or have a dedicated person on site to help serve.

Another special feature is location, location, location! These beautiful places are typically in prime locations: Tuscany near vineyards, Provence overlooking lavender fields, Greece on the Mediterranean, Mexico or the Caribbean on the beach…and so many more exotic and stunning settings. Imagine the luxury of your private section of the sand, mountains, jungle, city, desert, or wherever you want to live your next travel dream. You can even find villas in Orlando that will arrange for favorite characters to come have breakfast with you.

photo of a poolside patio of a villa in France, with a large table for dining outdoors, from Villas of Distinction
Photo credit: Villas of Distinction
photo of living area of a villa in a tropical location, from Villas of Distinction. High ceilings, large sofa with coffee table, pool table, bar, numerous windows looking over a beach, with a spiral staircase and skylight
Photo credit: Villas of Distinction

Something else I love is the ‘bang for your buck’ as opposed to a resort: while villas may initially seem pricier, when you factor everything in, you’ll not only be spending less than you would at a resort, it’s worth every penny. For one thing, you aren’t paying resort fees or taxes on top of your normal vacation costs…in fact, here’s my insider tip: when we stay on Grand Cayman, our taxes are far less when we stay at a condo vs. a resort (we can book great condos for you as well, especially if you have a smaller group).

There are also all of the gratuities, dining and drink costs at resorts (breakfast for a family of four will run you $100 plus tip, easily) that you could save a lot of money on, because you’ll have all of your favorite snacks and drinks at ‘home’ in your bar and kitchen. Plus, if you like to know what’s in your meals, have a special diet, or just want to enjoy a big family dinner, it’s much easier when you have everything at your fingertips. 

Don’t want to cook and clean every day? Many of the villas we book even come with a concierge or a butler. They can make many different accommodations for you, even say…bringing in an in-house chef to cook a meal or do a cooking class with you. And when you’re ready for a night out, they can make reservations for you at restaurants in the nearby towns.

If you’re concerned about having to leave for spa visits, don’t worry, your concierge or butler can bring a masseuse to your villa for the perfect massage in the comfort of your private room (or outside on the patio, whatever you prefer!). I’ve had massages on beaches in my suite at a villa. In fact, you can have almost anything delivered to you these days, just like at home…how fun would it be to hire a band to perform or have your own karaoke party? Whatever it is, we can make it happen.

photo of a bedroom in a luxury villa from Villas of Distinction, showing a view of the ocean in a tropical setting, with a bed and desk, as well as a wall of windows/doors
Photo credit: Villas of Distinction

Finally, if you need to get some work done, or hold a fun and relaxing retreat for colleagues or your company’s executive team, there’s no better option. When we’re traveling, we’re always working, so we love being able to have virtual meetings with real sit-down workspaces, not sitting on a bed in a resort trying to hold conferences or get our work done. And the ‘office’ views are usually unbeatable (if not a little tempting!).

So for professionals, if an issue arrives, they can separate themselves from the large group into a quiet space in the house and take care of things; we know this is more and more needed as more of us work remotely. It’s also great for having team-building exercises, shared meals and other activities that include the whole group, as well as opportunities for private escapes and variety for people to break into smaller parties during downtime. You get a lot more done in these dedicated spaces, and in turn, you can also have a ton of fun.

Ready to book your private villa and host an incredible outdoor meal for your family and friends on your patio by the pool? We would love to get you there and share all of our insider tips and the benefits of our long-term relationships, for a trip you’ll never forget. 

Reach out today and let’s start dreaming up your next adventure.

Relax, we’ll take care of everything,

Amy Westerman
The Curated Travel Collection

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