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Ready for the Vacation of a Lifetime?

you dream it and we’ll make it happen

As your luxury travel concierge, we can fulfill your unique vision for your ultimate dream vacation, whether it’s an epic skiing adventure in the Swiss Alps, family dinner in a 5-star restaurant on a mountain top in Italy, a barefoot wedding on a Caribbean beach, wandering the cobblestone streets of a village in France, camping under the Northern Lights, a private cruise to an exotic wilderness, or something completely new.

Let’s start dreaming together to create the bespoke vacation of a lifetime, customized just for you.


How it Works

It Starts with you

We start with inspiration: your vision of a destination and the type of trip or occasion you have in mind. Then we bring our decades of luxury travel expertise to dream up the luxury vacation of a lifetime – just for you. We customize your trip down to every last detail, so you can relax, while we take care of everything.

Your Dream

Tell us all about your dream vacation: the places you’ve always longed to visit, the things you love to do, and who you’ll be traveling with.

Our Experience

We bring our 20+ years of worldwide travel expertise to show you what’s possible, sharing the perks of our world-class relationships.

Tailored to You

Using your dream as inspiration, we hand-pick customized options for your trip, finessing your itinery down to the last detail.

Trip of a Lifetime!

Once you’ve confirmed your dream vacation, we take care of everything. During your journey, we’re always just a phone call away if anything changes.

Michelle McKeown

Welcome to the Curated Travel Collection, your destination for immersive luxury travel. No longer will you “take a vacation” where your arrangements are merely booked. Curated luxury  travel is an experience of immersion into a culture; where your day to day activities, dining and embarkation is accompanied by your Concierge! Your vacation completes any bucket list and heart’s desire. Whether it’s an inspiring adventure or a well-deserved escape, we are here to meet your request.

Michelle McKeown has been providing personalized and superior concierge level travel experiences for more than a decade! Having traveled to numerous destinations, Michelle has cultivated her knowledge and expertise creating immersive experiences many dream of…

Her driving passion and attention to luxury and detail will take you on  adventurous explorations the world over…. Sit back, relax and take a once in a lifetime seamless & stressless vacation.

Let’s start dreaming together

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