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It’s official! 

We’ve relaunched under our new name, The Curated Travel Collection

I have an exciting announcement as we step into 2023:

It’s official! We’ve relaunched under our new name, The Curated Travel Collection.

Why the change?

The world has changed. You’ve changed. You’re ready for something different. You’ve been telling us about your new wish lists for your travel experiences and we’ve been listening.

These last few years have taught us that life is unpredictable…that we must seize every opportunity to follow our bliss and do now what we may never have the chance to do again.

Travel is about the unique stories you create – and get to tell. It’s about what you witness, are part of, time you share with those you love.

Whether it’s an epic skiing adventure in the Swiss Alps,
family dinner in a 5-star restaurant on a mountaintop in Italy,
a barefoot wedding on a Caribbean beach,
or wandering the cobblestone streets of a village in France…

We can fulfill your vision and even help you dream up something completely new.

Give us your wishlist and we’ll make it happen. We’re here to give you the vacation of a lifetime, customized for who you are now – and where you want to go next.

Rest assured, Ears of Experience remains in our family to offer you the magical Disney travel experiences you’ve come to know and love; we’re simply expanding to give you more.

What hasn’t changed is our fabulous team of people, our professionalism, personal attention, expertise in luxury worldwide travel, and the sincere desire to serve you an experience you’ll never forget.

Contact us today at to plan your dream vacation.

Relax and let us take care of everything,

Amy Westerman
The Curated Travel Collection