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Cruise like royalty in The Haven

set sail in luxury on norwegian cruise lines

Ready to set sail, or start planning your next cruise? We recently had an amazing experience on Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) I can’t wait to share with you. 

When it comes to luxury travel, NCL takes it to a whole new level with their exclusive Haven area, “your own ship within the ship”, which we experienced firsthand, during our first Alaskan cruise. 

Tucked away within their already amazing cruise ships, the Haven section is like a boutique hotel at sea, offering an experience that sets it apart from anything else in the industry. 

Here’s why The Haven is the epitome of luxury, and absolutely worth it for your next cruise adventure: 

The Haven boasts its own restaurant, bars, lounge, library, pools and pool deck, which means that guests staying in the Haven can enjoy these private and intimate spaces, away from the crowds typically found on a cruise ship. Its exclusive concierge desks are solely focused on attending to the needs of Haven guests, ensuring personalized service and attention to detail.

One of the standout features of the Haven (that will really make you feel like royalty) is the 24-hour Butler Service…these dedicated butlers go above and beyond to cater to your every need. From room service tailored to your preferences to unpacking your luggage and taking care of laundry services, the butlers are there to make your stay as luxurious and effortless as possible.

The concierge service in the Haven is equally exceptional. They proactively assist guests (even before shows in the main cruise area) using what we jokingly called the “paddle of power.” Sporting a Haven sign, the concierge collects Haven guests attending the shows and escorts them to priority seating. 

The Haven staff makes embarking and disembarking the ship effortless for Haven guests. Upon returning from a day at port, we were greeted by the Haven staff, who guided us through a separate entrance and up a dedicated elevator. This exclusive access eliminates the hassle of navigating through the general population, which means more convenience and privacy.

The Haven restaurant is absolutely top-notch and offers an elegant, memorable dining experience. With an impressive selection of wines, lunch and dinner options cater to the discerning tastes of a higher-end clientele. 

Staterooms in the Haven are all luxurious suites, ranging from two-bedroom to one-bedroom configurations. Our suite had panoramic views of the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska; we even loved the bathrooms, and had an amazing view over the water, so we could see everything (while taking a shower!). We were truly impressed, as the rooms were on par with both the finest luxury cruise lines and land-based accommodations.

What truly sets The Haven Suites apart is the exceptional level of service provided; the staff consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and make you feel very pampered. One night, when we had a late-night craving for pizza, there were no pizza options available, but the concierge arranged for pizza to be delivered to The Haven within just 20 minutes. Attention to detail and thoughtful gestures are benchmarks of the service in The Haven; during the Glacier Bay viewing from the private deck, servers walked around with mulled wine, Irish coffees and teas. These small touches everywhere throughout the week add up to a truly luxurious experience.

While The Haven offers unparalleled luxury and exclusive amenities, guests also have access to all the offerings of the larger cruise ship. This means you can indulge in a wide range of dining options, enjoy all of the entertainment and shows, visit the casino, dance the night away in the disco, and take advantage of the well-equipped gym. The Haven’s residents have the best of both worlds—a private haven of luxury and all of the activities and amenities of a larger cruise ship.

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Haven section is just that – a true haven for luxury travelers. It redefines what it means to sail in style. It truly is a next level journey. 

There’s still time for a summer escape like this. We would love to help you experience this next level service; just reach out today and we can start dreaming up your next vacation. 

Relax, we’ll take care of everything,

Amy Westerman
The Curated Travel Collection